Scale Knowledge

Weighing Scale Knowledge

Types of weighing scale

  • Balance: One which measures mass to a very high degree of precision and accuracy
  • Beam scale: One on which the weights of loads of various magnitudes are indicated solely by means of one or more weighbeam bars either alone or in combination with counterpoise weights
  • Counting scale: One used to weigh multiple objects of uniform weight and display a total piece count
  • Jewelers’ scale: One adapted to weighing gems and precious metals
  • Price computing scaleOne that indicates the money values of amounts of commodity weighed, at predetermined unit prices, throughout all or part of the weighing range of the scale
  • Pocket scale: small size scale, used for jewelry, gold, diamonds,chemical, powder and other small precious items
  • Weighing scale: One used to weigh multiple objects of uniform weight and display a total piece count

Unit conversions

  •  1 kilogram/kg = 2.20462 pound/lbs 
  •  1 grain/gn = 0.0648 grams
  •  1 gram/g = 15.4324 grains/gns
  •  1 gram/gn = 5 carats/cts 
  •  1 gram/g = 0.643 pennyweights/dwt
  •  1 gram/g = 0.035274 ounce/oz
  •  1 kilogram/kg = 32.15076 troy ounce/ozt

Scale Terminology

  • Accuracy:  The degree to which a measurement relates to its actual  value
  • Capacity:  The actual or potential ability to perform, yield or withstand
  • Divison: The amount of increments a scale offers
  • Graduation:The amount of graduations for a scale can be determined by taking the scale capacity and dividing the scale readability into the capacity
  • Readability/Resolution: The smallest increment of weight that the digital display resolves

What kind of scales do you have ?

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  • 100gx0.01g pocket scale 
  • 200gx0.01g pocket scale 
  • 500gx0.01g pocket scale
  • 500gx0.1g pocket scale 
  • 650gx0.1g pocket scale
  • 1000gx0.1g pocket scale
  • 20000gx0.1g pocket scale
  • 40kg fishing scale
  • 50kg luggage scale
  • 5kgx1g kitchen scale
  • 1kgx1g liquid scale/kitchen scale 
  • 2kgx0.1g professional kitchen scale
  • 22lbs industrial bench scale
  • 66lbs weighing scale/counting scale
  • 66lbs price computing scale
  • 2kgx0.1g counter scale
  • 50gx0.001g digital lab balance/pharmacy balance
  • 50gx0.001g digital jeweler's scale
  • 5lbs letter scale/parcel scale/postal scale
  • 330lbs shipping scale 
  • 440lbs shipping scale
  • 6600lbs floor beam scale
  • 20g calibration weight
  • 50g calibration weight
  • 100g calibration weight
  • 200g calibration weight
  • 500g calibration weight
  • 1000g calibration weight
  • 5kg calibration weight
  • 10kg calibration weight

Besides scale, what do you have ?

  • 2 lines price gun
  • 1 line price gun
  • price gun paper/price gun label
  • price gun ink/price gun ink roller
  • RS 232 cable
  • Power cord
  • Power adapter
  • A/C adapter
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Computers
  • Desktop computer
  • Laptop computer
  • Thermal printer
  • Label printer
  • Form printer
  • Invoice printer

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