Bench Scale and Counting Scale

Bench Scale/Counting Scale

Brand new industrial bench scales and counting scales in stock for sale, 2g, 1g, 0.1g, 0.001g accuracy available, from 50g, 1kg, 2kg, 10kg to 30kg, high quality with long warranty, only from $ 29.99 

10kg/22lbs compact bench scale/weighing scale

low cost bench scale --10kgx2g

30kg/66lbs weighing scale/counting scale

low cost counting scale --30kgx1g

30kg/66lbs weighing scale/counting scale with computer port

cheap counting scale and weighing scale -- 66lbs

2000gx0.1g counting scale/weighing scale

cheap counting scale --2000gx0.1g

2000gx0.1g bench scale with counting function,tray and bowl

accurate weighing scale --2000gx0.1g

50gx0.001g compact balance/weighing scale

precision weighing scale and balance -- 50gx1mg

1000gx1g scale with measuring cup

cheap weight scale --1000gx1g



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